Report on warm-up in London/UK

Warm-up in London/UK

On the occasion of Round III in The Challenge speaker competition, a mini-conference was held in London/UK. The conference was an official warm-up for PLDC 2017 in Paris.

Round III of The Challenge 2016/17 took place from 9.-10. February, 2017 at Brunel University in London/UK. Eighteen presentations formed the basis for Round III of the young designers’ speaker competition. The winners of this Round are invited to hold their final presentations at PLDC 2017 in Paris on 4. November, 2017.

The second day of the mini-conference featured brief presentations by early Career Researchers on their ongoing studies, plus lectures on professional practice-related topics by The Challenge coaches. The event closed with a lively debate chaired by Iain Macrae on the topic: Is an independent lighting designer able to handle all the implications of lighting in the public realm?

More information on The Challenge 2016/2017 edition here.