Viabizzuno first time at PLDC

Viabizzuno first time at PLDC

Viabizzuno is a lighting fixtures production factory which deals with light at 360 degrees; since 1994 it works, researches and innovates making of designing a way to establish relationships with life and others. To design means to create something that last and keep on living beyond temporary fashion.
The strength of Viabizzuno relies on working toward a customized design, finding solutions that didn’t exist before, integrating light with architecture and creating a recognizable image all over the world.

Viabizzuno works with the most successful international fashion brands, institutions, museums, industries and design firms putting light at disposal of architecture, space and man. Showrooms and retailers are located all over the world in Europe, America, Asia and Australia; hundreds of people with different backgrounds and skills are employed worldwide in order to satisfy all requests and needs by the market.

Viabizzunocasa, the headquarter in Bentivoglio (Bologna), is the space where light is conceived and designed. The production is 100% manufactured in Italy: craftsmanship and made in Italy are two values in which Viabizzuno strongly believes.

‘Progettare voce del verbo amare’ this sentence expresses the Viabizzuno philosophy, its own style and its way of working.