The Challenge: Team Paul T.

Team Paul T.

Paul Traynor is the coach to three further semi-finalist topics! Paul has a choice between two single and one double ladies teams for the final in Paris. Let’s find out who they are; detailed information can be fround here.

Zhuofei Ren/RC – Zhuofei started in interior design, before studying architecture and lighting design in the US. Her presentation will show the difficulties of Living in the colours of the colourblind.

Greta Jurkevičiūtė/LT & Karina Strazdaitė/LT -Greta and Karina are students of Industrial Product Design at Vilnius Technical University. In London, they will present an idea of Interactive waiting.

Irene Gonzalo Soares/E – Irene has a background in Product Design and studied lighting design at Masterdia. Her presentation Lighting paradoxes aims to bring up some of the paradoxes in the human relationship with light.