The Challenge: Team Koert

Team Koert

Koert Vermeulen is coaching three further semi-finalists! His talents – one lady and two gents – have backgrounds in cinematography, photography and lighting design. Find out the details here.

Lucía Perez do Souto/E – After her studies in cinematography and Media & Communication, Lucía worked as a freelancer in several audio-visual projects, before studying lighting design at Masterdia. Since 2015, she has been working at a lighting and museography design studio in Madrid. But never was the question answered: Who is designing for whom?

Gregor Gärtner/D – Gregor Gärtner was born in 1991 in Dresden and studied lighting design at HAWK Hildesheim. Since the second half of 2012 he has also worked as a Tutor in Lighting Design at the HAWK. He will be showing his ideas of Presenting light.

Damian VanCamp/USA – Damian’s career started by studying photography. He studied lighting design at Parsons and worked as a freelance photographer. His presentation investigates the exterior courtyards created by densely-packed residential buildings, and the potential of using the electric light, creating The collective view.