The Future of Urban Lighting: best ten design ideas shortlisted

Best ten design ideas shortlisted

The international design ideas competition on lighting for the cities of tomorrow gave designers the opportunity to come up with creative and intelligent solutions to support and enhance social life in cities.

The design ideas competition is an integral part of PLDC 2017 in Paris. The jury have drawn up a shortlist of the ten best projects 85 submissions.

Following a phase in which urban functions such as living, working, shopping and leisure were treated separately in our cities, the current trend is to return to a mix of all these activities, both in downtown areas as well as in the suburbs. This means the public realm will be used more consistently around the clock, which in turn will lead to an increased need for appropriate lighting solutions outside daylight hours. Urban lighting in the form of master plans with illuminated landmarks and purposefully designed lighting for traffic and circulation areas is due to be complemented by light-related factors that relate to human scale and well-being at night time. Besides the need for safety – shady characters shy away from light – these include the goal to design public spaces so they are more attractive and promote social life in the urban realm. The social component is a driving force in the process to make the public realm feel safe and good to use after dark, and therefore needs to be taken into consideration. Interaction concepts and smart lighting can indeed support this move.

The competition was looking for human-oriented lighting design ideas, taking the City of Paris as an example.

On the occasion of PLDC, the ten best design concepts will be presented as part of an exhibition to be held in showrooms in the City of Paris. Money prizes to the value of € 10,000 will be awarded to the best three projects at the PLDC Gala Dinner on 4. November.

The results will also be compiled in a book, which will also include the visionary work of eight Masters of Lighting Design.


We are proud to announce the best ten nominations for the design ideas comeptition “The future of urban lighting”.

NOVA – Network Oriented Visual Augmentation by Kerem Asfuroglu

Imagineering Future Cities’ Nightscapes by team 4TZ:
Stipica Majic, Melody Culanag, Sylva Hutagalung, Linus Lopez, Maneck Tandon, Alejandra Ulloa.

Bio-lighting architecture – Swinging with the Parisian, breathing with the light by team ZZZX-THU: Zhou Yingyue, Zhou Zhumeng, Xu Tongda, Zhang Yu.

City as a living organism by LiDS lighting design studio: Sergey Sizy,
Elena Bokova, Anna Malchevskaya, Irina Lebedeva, Fedor Mikhankov.

URBAN LIGHT GROUND by team UrbanSenses:
Carlijn Timmermans, Alina Lavrinenko, Christin Petzold, Maryam Aghajani.

DayLight by team RAD architects: Rinze Wassenaar, Aneta Szatanik, Davide Chincoli.

Democratic lighting by team LAB.1: Faruk Uyan, Elif Uyan

The Personalized Light by Arup Global Lighting Urbanists:
Elif Ayalp, Christoph Gisel, Toby Lewis, Jack Lim Nick MacLiammoir, Guillermo Martinez, Joana Mendo, Susheela Sankaram, Sean O’Neill.

BLUE – bicycles, lighting + urban engagement by SmithGroupJJR: Paige Donnell, Nathan Sharnas, Reinhardt Swart, Patrick MacBride.

NIGHT LIGHT | NIGHT LIFE by team CS Design: Carly Rouault, Paul Poirier, Davinder Lota, Amelie Savoie Saumure, Anne-Marie Paquette, Simone Bevilacqua, Alicia Davila, Bernardo Peña, Conor Sampson.




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