Gala Dinner and PLDR Awards

Traditionally, PLDC will conclude with a Gala Dinner on Saturday. The evening will comprise a seated dinner and the Awards Show during which the Professional Lighting Design Recognition Awards will be presented to individuals, organisations and institutions to recognize their work, actions and achievements that have contributed to the advancement of Architectural Lighting Design. See the shortlist here.
The evening will conclude with another unforgettable after-show party.

This year’s location, Dock Pullman, carries some Parisian history with it. In the 1860’s, the former historic warehouses in Plaine Saint-Denis were used by agricultural and food industry producers to preserve foodstuffs such as wheat, wine, coffee, etc. Today the area is occupied by clothing stores, TV stations, and industrial storage halls.

In 2003, Dock Pullman was transformed into a series of event venues in the heart of the recording studios of Plaine Saint-Denis. Saint-Denis is a commune in the northern suburbs of Paris, which is also home to the famous Stade de France, built for the FIFIA World Cup in 1998.

Transport to the venue will be via bus transfer, leaving from Palais des Congrès on Saturday, 4. November, 2017.

The address of Dock Pullman is:
50 avenue du Président Wilson
93200 La Plaine Saint-Denis

The nearest underground station is Front Populaire – from there it is only a five-minute walk to Dock Pullman.