Only 49 days to go till PLDC in Paris – we’re working on it

Photo: Oracle Academy

Only 49 days to go till PLDC in Paris – we’re working on it

“Why pay for lighting design experts?”

by Joachim Ritter

Preparations for four days of high-profile knowledge input are running smoothly – and at high speed, believe me! And we still have a few surprises in store. The number of enquiries and requests are on the increase. Most people can’t wait to get to Paris and to PLDC.

Some questions do make me wonder, though. Today someone asked why lighting designers are expected to pay an entrance fee for the conference, given that you can get into seminars for free at other trade shows and events.

When it comes to PLDC, our team takes care of every single person who attends. We organise the catering, pay the venue to rent the spaces we require, and even throw in the odd bottle of red wine at various PLDC gatherings and social events.

More important for us is that our approach is centred around our philosophy and deep belief in what we do. We are of the opinion that the knowledge a lighting designer possesses has a value. If someone is prepared to share that knowledge, it is only right that he/she is rewarded for this. Lighting designers and experts in the field have (added) value. Try explaining to your clients why you expect them to pay you a fee, if continuing professional education means nothing to you. Does that sound professional? There’s an even simpler way of putting it: why should I have to pay a fee for a lighting design concept, when I can get this service for free from a manufacturer…?