Office lighting – a paradigm shift

Office lighting – a paradigm shift

Offices of the future – feel-good or purely functional spaces? When we talk about good office lighting many still focus on functional lighting, primarily in conjunction with visual comfort. But isn’t it time that offices also addressed employees’ feeling of well-being – which is not only a question of colour temperature. Companies such as Apple and Google already regard atmosphere as a crucial factor in their work spaces.

A discussion which shows the major role lighting plays in the changing office world.

Confirmed as taking part in this discussion are:

and further experts pre-registered.

The discussion will take place on Saturday, 4. November, 2017 at 14.00 in the PLD Alliance lounge.

If you want to join this discussion you can pre-register by contacting Michaela Bönke at mboenke@via-internet.com

Photo: Joachim Belaieff