New Keynote Speaker Franck Boutté, Architect and Civil Engineer

Franck Boutté/FR, Architect and Civil Engineer

Time of Keynote Speech: 2. November, 9:30

Born in 1968, Frank Boutté studied both Civil Engineering and Architecture, discovering in the process that in a best case scenario the two fields ignore each other, and in a worst case scenario go as far as to hate each other.

Environmental issues and sustainable development have been a great opportunity for him to bring those two worlds together, to break exceeded established boundaries and operate within a synthesis of design and engineering, invention and the world of measurables. It is under this motto that he also runs his design practice, where designers and engineers work together to create a synthesis on projects of different scales (urban and architectural).

Bioclimatic Double Skin, Bordeaux University/FR

Gradually, he expanded his skills and work in cities and urban districts, providing assistance to project owners. Today Franck also teaches at schools of architecture, and contributes to conferences and exhibitions as an expert in the field of environmental and sustainable development.

Frank Boutté heads a team of twenty-five people from various backgrounds (architects, engineers, planners), all trained in environmental issues, environment control, and comfort and sustainable development, who have worked on a number of major projects with some of the great contemporary architects of the day. The practice is known for its visionary capacity, its talent for innovation and research, and its ability to create stories and define ambitions that enable us to question social life and the urban realm. The design practice is currently working on around one hundred ongoing projects: buildings, neighborhoods, and cities. Each project is regarded as being ambitious, demanding, prestigious and innovative – on multiple scales.

1000 arbres, apartment building in Paris/FR

Weifang Masterplan, Sustainable Flux City