LUX, la revue de l’éclairage


LUX, la revue de l’éclairage partner of PLDC 2017

We are happy to announce that LUX, la revue de l’éclairage accepted to be a Print Media Partner of PLDC 2017.

LUX renews its concept to better inform and represent lighting professionals.
The magazine offers unique synthetic market news and recent creations using performing and innovative technologies.
With pedagogy, LUX goes to the essential on the most sensitive technical topics. Photo reports build long-lasting relationships with the prescribers, penetrating the architecture, towns and design markets. LUX intends to establish a concrete dialogue between the technique and its architectural implementations. It suggests a good distribution with functional lighting projects, alternates between the residential and the non-residential,
public city plannings, private projects, and transport infrastructure. The magazine goes further decoding the tertiary sector new trends, in particular hotels and stores, as well as hospitals and schools. It strongly reasserts its position as the expert magazine in lighting. With an open and sensitive eye on diversity, LUX makes use of international experiences and debates, strongly supporting the extraordinary revolution that the lighting world is living.