Kaoru Mende, Lighting Planners Associates/JP/SG

Lighting Planners Associates/JP/SG

Featuring in the exhibition
“The Future of Urban Lighting – eight visions from Masters of Light”

headed by Kaoru Mende

Kaoru Mende was born in Tokyo in 1950, earned a bachelors and masters degree from Tokyo University of Art in the field of industrial and environmental design.  In 1990, he founded Lighting Planners Associates Inc.  The scope of his design and planning activities ranges widely from residential and architectural to urban and environmental lighting design.  Mende is also the acting chief of the “Lighting Detectives”, a citizens’ group that specializes in the study of the culture of lighting.

Realised projects

d’Leedon, Singapore
CapitaLand Residential Singapore Pte Ltd
Design: Zaha Hadid Architects
Photo: Lighting Planners Associates

A large scale residential development in the heart of Singapore, the lighting scheme for d’Leedon is closely aligned to the unique architectural language of the project. This challenging scheme relies on continuous linear lighting profiles to achieve a seamless architectural expression – right from the entry to the development to all the public areas. A minimum number of bollards and pole lights were used. The continuous lighting profiles helped in creating a low contrast illumination which varied from space to space depending on the architectural expression. Almost all the lighting for the public areas were designed with LEDs.

Gardens by the Bay, Bay South
Client: National Parks Board
Design: Grant Associates, Wilkonson Eyre Architects, CPG Consultants Pte Ltd
Photo: Lighting Planners Associates

With the construction of the Singapore Flyer and Integrated Resorts, Singapore’s Marina Bay district has experienced frenetic development over the last few years. This development includes Gardens by the Bay, a waterfront garden composed of three areas totalling 101 hectares, among which the largest is Bay South. For this project, we proposed “Entertainment with Organic Lighting” as our concept for adapting outdoor entertainment to a new age.

Architects: Toyo Ito & Associates
Location: Nishi-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan
Photos: Shinkenchiku

By day the tower, clad in perforated aluminum panels, reflects the city through the reflective surfaces covering the steel core. The project is rather humble, literally reflecting the city through the complexity of its material. Come night time, the Tower of Winds takes a more pro-active role, translating sound and wind into light through two computers sensing the varying wind and noise levels and accordingly powering 1300 lamps, 12 neon rings, and 30 flood lights at its base.

The tower is constantly transforming, its small lamps changing colors according the surrounding sounds and its neon rings rippling according to the winds of the city. As a result there is no pattern since the display of light is a direct representation of the environment, portrayed on a 21 meter high cylindrical surface.