Is media architecture lighting design?

Is media architecture lighting design?

There is possibly no greater paradigm shift than the one involving the correlation between media design and architectural lighting. What does this mean for the future? Will there be any lighting design without new media design at all? How does it affect designers’ daily work, and how can this be managed? A lot of questions have been raised – with only a few answers to date.

Confirmed as taking part in this discussion are:

Dr. Thomas Schielke/DE, Erco

Dr. Ellen Kathrine Hansen/DK, Aalborg University Copenhagen

Further experts have been invited and pre-registered.

The discussion will take place on Friday, 3. November, 2017 at 14.00 in the PLD Alliance lounge.

If you want to join this discussion you can pre-register by contacting Michaela Bönke at mboenke@via-internet.com