Dr. Ellen Kathrine Hansen/DK

Dr. Ellen Kathrine Hansen/DK, Aalborg University Copenhagen

Participating in the moderated discussion: Is media architecture lighting design?
Time of the discussion: Friday, 3. November, 2017, 14.00 – 14.30 in the PLD Alliance area.

Dr. Ellen Kathrine Hansen is an Associated Professor and Director of a new Master’s programme in Lighting Design at Aalborg University in Copenhagen, combining architecture, lighting technology and media technology. The MSc in Lighting Design started in September 2014 with 34 students from 14 different nationalities.

In 2014, she was awarded a PhD degree on the topic of Designing with Knowledge, discussing how light as a multidimentional design element can create a balance between human needs and the consumption and production of energy in our built environment. The thesis was motivated by transdisciplinary projects headed by her as a project manager in the window industry, and as an educator and researcher at schools of Architecture.

Dr. Hansen is building up a research area, where disciplines, practice and academia are crossed to develop knowledge on how state-of-the-art interactive lighting technology can support natural light – to improve people’s lives.

The thesis
ARCHITECTURAL EXPERIMENTS. Design with Knowledge can be downloaded here:

Further research publications, activities and projects: