Competition FAQ

Competition FAQ

Will there be a more specific competition brief?
The brief in our competition documents is purposefully open and general to encourage the submission of a multitude of different ideas and approaches.

Do we have to consider Paris streets, neighbourhoods and public spaces as an example or can we offer design solutions for any place we choose?
The ideas you submit do not have to be limited to examples in Paris.

Should the project be carried out already or be in progress?
The competition is a call for design ideas – visionary design concepts that have not yet been realised.

Is it acceptable if the project is located in the Paris suburbs?
The ideas you submit do not have to be limited to examples in a particular town or city, or any part of a town or city. They should be visionary ideas that lend themselves to any urban space in any part of the world.

I am going to register for the competition, how can I pay my registration fee?
You have two options. You can choose bank transfer or credit card payment. In both cases, we will send you an invoice. If you selected bank transfer, please transfer the fee to the account provided by 20. April. If you chose credit card payment, we will deduct the amount from your credit card after we have issued the invoice.

Where can I add my student ID to the registration?
You can upload the student ID or student IDs to you profile after you have registered.

If you have questions not listed above please contact us here.

The answers will be published on the website under FAQ within a week from the date of the enquiry.




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