Carpetlight – flexibility 4.0

Carpetlight – flexibility 4.0

After 20 years in the field as lighting technicians, the founders of Carpetlight have developed a unique lighting device that is patent pending and has become a standard in the film industry in Europe.

This unique lighting solution requires no wiring, the conductive threads cannot break. You can squeeze the light source to form any shape, or tie a knot. It is practically indestructible.

The composition of our lighting solution sets us apart from any other “flexible” LED technology that relies on copper wires or strands that can only be bent or twisted within a specific limit.
Given its all-round textile features, Carpetlight can be used without any limitations.

One light source weighs under 1000 grams per square metre.

Carpetlight products deliver a luminous output high enough to illuminate entire objects and spaces.