Young companies meet at PLDC in Paris

Young companies meet at PLDC in Paris

Established in March 2012, Asensetek is a company dedicated to research, manufacturing, sales, marketing and support of top-class optoelectronics products that cater to customers’ demands in their professional fields.

In June 2013, Asensetek launched the world’s first smart spectrometer – “Lighting Passport” with the aim of providing best results when measuring light and colour. Moreover, Asensetek are committed to developing applications for various industries based on the “Lighting Passport” platform and are consequently capable of updating the world’s latest standards and parameters and showing consistency with up-to-date dynamic knowledge in related industries.

With Asensetek’s continuous advancement, “Lighting Passport” has developed integrated hardware and software solutions for applications in a wide range of industries from lighting design to the film and television industry, gaining recognition and trust from renowned manufacturers around the globe.

Asensetek currently have distributors all over the world, especially in North America, EMEA, and East Asia, enabling the company to stay in sync with the latest market trends and provide customers with products that fit their special needs to an optimum.