Andrés Sánchez/MX/DE & Carla Wilkins/DE

These speakers will be presented by

Andrés Sánchez/MX/DE & Carla Wilkins/DE, Lichtvision

Title of paper: Evolution: what comes next?
Time of paper: 2. November, 16:45

Andrés Sánchez and Carla Wilkins will explain how new technologies are challenging traditional lighting design and will inevitably impact lighting designers’ work in future. The speakers will encourage the audience to consider how the tools they currently use may evolve, and underline the importance of designers and clients all understanding that lighting can and should be designed to merge functional and emotional elements.

About Andrés Sánchez
Trained as an architectural engineer in Mexico City, Andrés Sánchez formerly collaborated with renowned architecture and lighting design studios in Mexico, where he played a key role in the concept and development phase as well as in the realisation of interior, landscape and stage lighting projects. He received his Master’s degree in Architectural Lighting Design in Mexico and his Master of Architectural Lighting Design in Wismar/D. He joined Lichtvision in 2010 and is currently a Senior Associate, responsible for international projects. Andrés pursues the continuous enhancement of quality and the perception of space through the strategic application of light and state-of-the-art technology.

About Carla Wilkins
Trained as an architect, Carla Wilkins has been working as a lighting designer since 1989 and is a founding partner at Lichtvision. As the Creative Director at Lichtvision she oversees both concept and planning work. Carla lectures frequently on a global scale on lighting design, and is a professional member of the International Lighting Designers’ Association (IALD) and of WERKBUND Berlin.