6th Gold Partner: Flos

6th Gold Partner: Flos

Antares Iluminación was founded in 1989 in Spain. In 1998, FLOS S.p.A, became shareholder of Antares and FLOS ARCHITECTURAL was born.
Both companies share the same corporate philosophy.
Design is the key factor for FLOS. The internal product design and development team are in a constant process of research to develop new solutions and innovative materials. The company guarantees the safety of their products, which comply with international ENEC, CCC, SASO, UL and other standards.
The FLOS contract division provides services to architects based on the know-how acquired over years of experience as a manufacturer and a specialist in the planning of schemes for a wide variety of challenging environments.
The company offers a complete range of residential, commercial and even custom-made lighting products for indoor and outdoor application, which can be seamlessly integrated into settings such as offices, hotels, restaurants or stores.
They have two productions plants – in Italy and Spain – and are represented in more than 70 countries.


Flos was also a Partner of PLDC 2015 in Rome.